Home combined energy storage unit
of modular type
They are powered by solar panels only, there are no other adapters
The features of connecting impulse energy significantly reduce the battery life
What is wrong with the
electrical energy storages?
High cost
Not durable
Why batteries we use everyday are harmful?
Batteries contain metals which are highly polluting. One discarded battery pollutes 20m² of land and 400 litres of water
Not recyclable
Garbage is usually disposed of in landfills or burned, which let all the heavy metals and toxic waste enter directly into the atmosphere.
Due to 1 battery in 6 tons of waste, the mercury content waste exceeds the maximum permissible concentration. Batteries are less than 0.25% of all waste, but account for almost 50% of all toxic metals
Even the smallest battery if enters a human body can kill them in 30 minutes
We solved all 4 problems!
Natural components
Safe for nature and people
Why Choose Us
Spend up to 75 minutes to fully charge your device. It can handle up to 20,000 discharge cycles with the highest efficiency, which is almost 30% more than the average battery!
Perform at the low device temperature 20-60° C and reach peak current of 500A.
Our battery is safe from explosion, and fire. With our XX-year warranty, this battery is safe for both customers and the environment.
Voltage stability
We solved the problem of the impulsive voltage, thus providing stability of voltage
Multiple energy sources
Our technology allows you to use multiple energy sources, such as wind and water to reduce power of the colar panels used.
Our battery
Cycle durability: 100,000
Operating temperature: -40-50˚
Pice: $990 kWt/h
Charging time: 5 min to charge device
Li-Ion battery
Cycle durability: 1,200
Operating temperature: -20-45˚
Pice: $140 kWt/h
Charging time: 2,5 hours to charge device
Buying our energy storage you not only have benefits like quick charge (5 minutes to 80 per cent, 15-20 minutes, full charge),
but also save money in long term
Who needs our capacitor?
Live in a private house with a low quality power grid, low connection power (less than 10 kW) or electricity is often cut off;
Install solar panels or wind generators for autonomous power supply home or facility;
Business for uninterrupted power supply of office, production equipment, points sales, remote sites etc
Vehicles with autonomous power supply needed, such as house on wheels, mobile laboratories and workshops, mobile points of sale
Our research in this area shows that the use of combined storage devices and the algorithms for their interaction during their operation are still unknown.

In the case of creating such a drive, we could take a leading position.

Its competitiveness in the smart home market is undeniable. At the same time, technical solutions will be patentable.
Our Features
Easy to use
The user does not have problems with the power supply company, and the accumulated night or day the energy remains with him.
Low competition
The energy revolution has just begun.
Сontribution to the future
The new technology promises not only revolutionary transformations in the energy market, but will also completely change the way people live.
People will get a chance to become completely independent from fuel and energy companies. Light up, heat the house, charge your electric car, etc., you can do it yourself.
Investment expectations
At the moment, we have a prototype, MVP and finished product cost calculation for the clients. We already obtained part of the patents, and are working to acquire it for other equipment.

We are expecting seed and pre seed investments in the range from $50,000 to $100,00, which will be aimed at manufactory of the first lot of energy storage samples. It is necessary to bring the proposed device to the level of industrial application, conduct tests, R&D, certification, primary marketing, and make prototypes, which will take at least 6-9 months.
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